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Dot Dot Holdings Sdn Bhd envisions to be the most sought after ICT player in the millenium. To achieve this, we learn from other players and we do it differently. Why? Because being different works! Every work that we do for our client is different from how other people do it to their clients.

Creative Multimedia

As you can see, the Creative Multimedia is designed to move YOUR business from the traditional "brick and mortar" business environment, which is limited to a particular geographical location to a virtual business environment, opening YOUR door to a multitude of clients worldwide. We at  Dot Dot Holdings Sdn Bhd on the other hand want YOU to jump into the ICT bandwagon and make more wealth now and the future.

Creative Design & Photography

Dot Dot Holdings Sdn Bhd always believes that to be in the front seat of any business, one has to make its presence felt both in the physical world as well as in the virtual world. Therefore, we provide Creative Design & Photography to cater for this physical presence.


Advanced Technology Support

Once you are ready to embark on something new and exciting, we are there to support you. In line with our Creative Multimedia is our Advanced Technology Support, a service to keep you move forward in your businesses. 

This service is designed to troubleshoot, maintain, repair and upgrade any computer related problems including the dreaded virus attacks. We also consult on networking, be it at home or at your office. Part of our effort to support the usage of advanced technology tools is to give ICT training to you so that you can take advantage if it to boost your business. Our ICT training includes basic computer training, Internet training, Content Management System Development Training, Microsoft Application Training and a lot more. Just tell us what you need and we'll deliver!